Privacy statement and Personal data protection


This privacy statement applies to Edem Hotel. The document outlines the privacy policy of Edem Hotel and explaines the process of collecting and processing personal data in details. We have developed this statement in order to explain your rules regarding personal information that is received orally, in writing, or visiting this site or through other sources.                                                                                             
We use your personal data to implement our obligation to provide the best possible service for the guests at all interactions with the hotel Edem.  As our guest, you understand and agree that we collect, use and disclose   your personal data in accordance with the applicable Privacy statement.                         

1. Data collection

Personal data

The term „personal data“ in this statement refers to information that allows to identify you as a person.

During your visit on a website Edem Hotel may requests your personal data, which include: your name and surname, date of birth, gender, nationality, mobile number, postal address and email address; details of the documents required for the identity (for example, passport number and series, validity period), credit card details, check-in and check-out dates, as well as your preferences when you enter the hotel, any other information that you voluntarily leave on the website.

 According to an article 6 of the statute of Ukraine „About protection of personal data“, processing of personal data is carried out openly and transparently with methods  and in a way that corresponds to the specific purposes of such processing. In some cases, we process personal data based on the information provided by you or personal information about you, received by us from a third person (such as information about you from the airline compaines, travel agencies, employers (if your trip is booked for you). If you book services or make payment on behalf of or in the interests of third parties, the information that you provide about these persons is collected and processed by Edem Hotel with the same conditions as your personal data processing. By providing such information about third person, you acknowledge that the third party is aware with these terms and understand their consequences and also gives unconditional and complete consent to the collection and processing of their personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.                    

 You can always choose which personal information you want to provide. However, if you decide not to provide certain data, this may affect our interaction (for example, we can not make a reservation without a name).  

Our hotel does not sell goods or services for children, and we consciously do not request and do not collect personal data from children. If you are under the age of 18 (or are under the age in the jurisdiction in which you visit our website), then you can use our website with the participation of one parent or guardian.

 Card data

At the time of booking, Edem Hotel may ask for your card details in order to make a prepayment, payment or to guarantee a guest’s arrival. If you choose a form of payment – Guaranteed bookings with a bank card, you are asked to enter your credit card details (type of credit card, credit card number, CVC2 / CVV2 code, card expiration date, cardholder name). All these data are necessary for the formation and registration of rooms reservation and additional services in hotel object you have choosen, as well as for prepayment or full payment of the reserved rooms and additional services (in case of choosing a payment method – Guaranteed bookings with a bank card).               The purpose of usying the data is to provide you an effective, comfortable and convenient online booking service of rooms in our hotel (services).


By using any of our services and agreeing to this Statement, for example, when registering to subscribe for any of our products or services, you understand and consent with collecting and usying personal data in accordance with the description provided in this Statement.

 2. Scope of application

 In accordance with applicable law, we may collect, use and disclose any of your personal data in order to:

3. Protection of personal data

            Edem Hotel can not guarantee the full protection of your personal data, but will make all efforts to protect your personal data at the highest level. We also try to ensure your visiting and usying our website as safely as possible. We use cookies and other technologies (such as point markers, web beacons, transparent GIFs, links in emails, JavaScript, device identifiers assigned to Google or Apple, or other similar technologies) for collecting such information. „Cookies“ is a small piece of text that a website uses to keep repeat users memorized, to facilitate permanent access and use of the site, and also it will allow the site to track user behavior, collect data about it and improve targeted advertising. Cookies are not programs, they do not have access to system files and there is no way to damage files. Typically, cookies work by assigning a unique number to each consumer that does not make sense for external sites. If you do not want information to be collected using cookie methods, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to turn on and turn off this feature, but note that cookies may be necessary to provide some features. For example, it helps the site remember which language you prefer to view it. This will be useful at the next visit of website. Usying cookies, site browsing becomes more convenient. Hotel Edem is not responsible for setting up your browser. If you have any questions regarding the Rules, processing your data in accordance with the description given in these Rules, or any other doubts or complaints related to the implementation of these Rules, or if you wish to submit a request in order to use your right to access of store with your personal data from us, contact us using one of the following methods: When submitting a request, the person must indicate the surname, first name and patronymic, place of residence (place of temporary stay) and details of the document certifying the natural person submitting the request (for the individual applicant). The response concerning personal data is provided within 30 days from the moment of the request. The enterprise reserves the right to respond only to motivated requests related to the process of collection, processing, storage, use and destruction of personal data (in accordance with statute 6.8 of the Law of Ukraine „About protection of personal data“).                                                                                                              

4. Storing personal data

We will store your personal information within the term specified by the condition of this  Statement, unless it requires a longer period of storage or otherwise is not provided for by applicable law. Within seven years after the completion of the stay, we store personal data collected by filling out a questionnaire at the check-in counter. The questionnaires are stored in the guests general file (structured according to the periods of residence) under the supervision of the booking manager and assistant director. Responsible persons sign an act of compliance with the rules of confidentiality and non-disclosure the personal data of guests, as well as the preservation and non-disclosure the commercial secrets of the enterprise. Other personal data are stored for a shorter period if possible and if permitted by law. Personal data on paper carriers will be destroyed in a reliable manner, for example, by disassembling paper documents in a shredder, burning or otherwise, and personal data which stored electronically will be destroyed using technical devices that guarantee the inability to further restore or reproduce this data. 

The card information that you provide during the booking is stored until the time of your arrival in case of no-show guarantee. We store data that we receive through electronic communications, including via e-mail, website, etc., on computer media for up to one year. The email address of the guests that was submitted for subscription to the mailing list is kept for up to one year after the date of the unsubscribe from the mailing. We will destroy your personal data in the shortest possible time without the possibility of their restoration or reproduction.                                                                                                                                   

5. Links

The web sites or pages with the link are for informational purposes only and are not subject to review by the Edem Hotel. Hotel Edem is not liable for any information contained on such pages or websites owned by third parties as is not liable for any damages incurred by the user as a result of visiting these websites through the links.

6. Legislative requirements

We reserve the right to disclose any of your personal data at the request of a court, a law or a public authority, or if we decide that this is important, whether from the point of view of the law or in order to preserve and protect our rights or property. We also reserve the right to store collected personal data and use them for accounting and tax transactions.         

This provision is developed on the basis of the „Statute on protection of personal data“ and meets the conditions of the said law.

7. Others

Hotel Edem is not responsible for the proper work of website and does not guarantee that website will work without interruption or without glitch. Edem Hotel does not guarantee the compatibility of your computer equipment with the website, nor it is responsible for the state of the telephone lines and equipment that provides you with access to the website. The information you provide should not contain malwares or other programs that have a destructive function.We obtain and store any information you enter on the website only to the extent necessary for the provision of services. In the future, personal data may be collected and processed automatically when you use this website (for example, through cookies). As our activity is constantly changing, this provision may be also amended or supplemented.