1. Booking   

1.1.  The booking decision accepted by the guest, is automatically transferred on his behalf to our booking department  

1.2.   On this site, the reservation service takes place without charging from the client an additional payment for the reservation system. For this reason, it is prohibited to resell the rooms (services) booked through the site reservation system. In addition, it is not allowed to re-issue your rooms to third parties at higher prices than the cost indicated on the booking system at the Edem Hotel website.

 2. Contract and payment 

2.1. The service agreement concludes directly during booking process between you and hotel Edem.

The order you have made can be paid in a way proposed by the system. Please note that Edem Hotel may restrict the choice of payment methods;

 2.2. To make payments for rooms or services using a bank card or electronic money through a Internet system acquiring, in the payment system window using your own bank card or electronic purse enter the value of the first day of accommodation or other amount indicated by the hotel in the booking form. If during the booking process you pay the incomplete price of the booked rooms (services), you will pay the remaining amount of the order upon arrival at the hotel’s reception desk;
2.3. When you are using the method of payment „Guarantee of reservation by a bank card“ you need to enter the information in the corresponding fields on your bank card. This information is transferred to Edem’s secured communication channels through a secure server to guarantee your reservation. Hotel Edem decides to withdraw or block money on your bank card equivalent to the amount of the booking.

2.4. In case of cashless payment, 100% of total price must be prepaid. The amount of prepayment is reported during the booking process. Charge of service with non-cash payments method can be used as legal entities as individuals. The payment have to be made within 3 business days after receipt of the invoice for the reserved rooms (services). Some accommodation establishments impose restrictions on the booking of rooms with payment of non-cash transfers within a few days (according to the general rule for 5 days) until the estimated date of arrival.

2.5.  If you choose paying method for booked rooms (services) at the hotel then you pay in cash immediately upon arrival.

 Warning! Hotel Edem has the right to provide non-refundable tariffs. Under the terms of these non-refundable tariffs, in case of cancellation of reservation or non-arrival of the guest, the prepayment (fully or partially) made by guest is not subject to return and remains at the Hotel Edem as a penalty. We recommend you to review the terms of special offers carefully before the end of the booking process 

2.6. Reservations are making directly through the booking. A confirmation of the reservation (voucher) will be sent by e-mail as soon as the order is made to the address you have indicated at the time of arragement the order. It is recommended to print and save it. Though, the voucher is transferred , however for technical reasons, hotel Edem can not check the fact of sending confirmation by e-mail. In this case, the reservation does not lose its effect.

 3. Changes of the reservation 

To add an extra room or additional accommodation for an existing booking, we recommend you to make another reservation. You can cancel the existing reservation, re-checked the conditions for cancellation of the reservation before, and then arrange through the reservation system a new one booking according of interest you parameters.

 4. Cancellation of the order 

4.1. To avoid misunderstandings, an order made on the Edem Hotel website can be canceled through  email. it is important that the notice of your cancellation come to the hotel in time. Notice of the reservation cancellation is sent after the cancellation of the customer’s order.

If the booking canceled within 30 days , prepayment will be refunded in full amount, in case of cancellation the reservation 10 days prior to arrival date, prepayment will be refunded in the 50% of the amount paid, in case of cancellation the reservation for 7 days prior to arrival, payment will not be refunded.

4.2. If you use an electronic payment, namely a bank card or electronic money, the funds will be returned to the bank card or electronic wallet through which the reservation was made, within 45 working days after receipt of the notice of cancellation the reservation. The time between the return operation and the actual transfer of money to the client’s account depends on the internal banking procedures and internal procedures of the payment systems.
4.3. If you cancel your order, we recommend you to contact us to resolve the issue of returning money in a way that is convenient for you  4.4. In case of late cancellation of a reservation or non-arrival of a guest, Edem Hotel has the right to impose penal sanctions on the client.             
The rules of late cancellation, namely the timing and amount of penalty, are set by each accommodation establishment by themselves. During the booking process It is necessary to review the terms of the reservation, the rules applicable to special offers carefully as well as the cancellation terms, which are listed on the Edem Hotel page in the booking form and in the voucher. In case of premature departure of the client, the hotel is not obliged to carry out the check-in procedure earlier that specified in the voucher.  

5. Cost of rooms and services of accommodation 

5.1. All prices specified in the booking system of the site are determined by the Hotel Edem and are valid for all bookings within the framework of the online reservation system on the website for the parameters set by the establishments of accommodation. 

5.2. Reservations are made at prices that are valid during the period of the intended stay. The hotel ensures that the lodging in the system charges the rooms and services binding for each booking. 

5.3. All prices are valid for one room for the selected period of stay, including services listed in the description of the room that does not fall under the category of paid services. Prices may not include certain taxes and fees set by local authorities. 

5.4.  All prices in the booking online system on hotel’s website are indicated in UAH.

6. Protection of the information 

6.1.  For more information about protecting information, read Privacy statement and Personal data protection.