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Saint Yuri cathedral

Updated: 16.01.2019

Lviv – very antic and interesting city, it abundant indeed unique architectural monuments, that aren’t not possible to find in any other place of the world.  
One of those monuments is a Cathedral of saint Yuri, that till today didn’t lose its centeral role of creek-catholic church in Ukraine.                                                                                        
Address of cathedral: square of saint Yuri, 5

Interesting facts

Its peculiarity is incredible style. Build and decorated in tradition of baroque, it became vivid example of veritable european embodiment.

Back to history, firstly it is important to mention the time of it establishment. Church of Yuri was built during 2o years – from 1744 till 1764. Athanasius Sheptytsky was the person who initiate  this building and the management of process was given to architect Bernard Meretinu

Unfortunately, Sheptytsky had died and couldn’t see the result of creation. It happened in 1746 year. Since that time all financial problem about cathedral had managed his nephew – Lew Sheptytsky , that became not only lviv’s pontiff, but also a kiev’s metropolitan.

Two sculptures that set up near the entrance of the church – are a sculptures Athanasius and Leo Sheptytsky, created by the hands of really truly ingenious John Georges Pinzel. He also created the figure of St. George.

Bernard Mertine did not see the end of construction as well. After his death in 1759, construction was taken by architect Klemes Fesinger – architect with german origin.  Though some details of primary project were changed, result was indeed impressive and in 1764 it was sanctify. Although it was decorated another 8 years.

By the way, the bell tower and capitulation houses were not in the project at once. They were completed in the nineteenth century.

By the words of historians, Svyatoyatrivska Hill kept a temple from the 14th century. It is also said that when the temple had changed into a real monastery (and it happened in the 15th century), then in its walls lived a well-known Bogdan Khmelnytsky who hosted guests here – Polish ambassadors.

The Church of St. George has been restored several times. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, well-known artists supplemented their paintings with interior decoration, and the last time the restoration was carried out in 1942

When the war ended, the Greek Catholic Church was forbidden, so its shrine was successfully handed over by the Soviet authorities to the Orthodox Church of Russia. And under her authority, the cathedral lasted for 44 years, until in 1990 it was not returned to the Greek Catholics.

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