The breakfast at the restaurant of Edem Hotel is a pleasant atmosphere and delicious meals that we offer our guests. Our chefs have developed a great menu that will satisfy all the wishes of the guests.

Buffet menu

So, for breakfast, we offer a traditional fried eggs or omelet, pancakes, pancakes, a variety of meat and fish dishes. The supporters of traditional Ukrainian cuisine will be able to have breakfast with dumplings or potato pancakes, whose taste will make them feel like home. For garnish you can pick: rice, buckwheat, potatoes or stewed vegetables, grilled vegetables, mushrooms, and stuffed vegetables. The meat andcheese  assorted will diversify your breakfast.

If you enjoy light and healthy breakfasts, then choose fresh vegetables, fruits and salads. We also recommend you to pay attention to the dry breakfasts to which we offer milk, jams, honey, condensed milk, butter, dried fruits and nuts. For breakfast, you can choose yogurt or kefir. Also, our chefs are happy to offer you homemade pastries.

For breakfast, choose drinks: water, juice, compote, as well as coffee and tea to your taste. Bon appetit!