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In the last half of the nineteenth century, the routes of communication, especially railway transport, began to intensify in Europe. In the western part of Lviv an railway station with infrastructure was built and the building of the surrounding area began building houses for railwaymen, the so-called "koliivki". The population of this district of the city came from the central regions of Poland and the outskirts of Lviv. High rates of growth, especially Polish-speaking residents, demanded the satisfaction of their religious needs. Why is the main Polish-speaking population? At this time, Ukrainians could not obtain education in the territory of Western Ukraine necessary for the servicing of rail transport, and ethnic Poles had the opportunity to get it in the educational institutions of Germany and Austria-Hungary. In addition, the railway at all times was considered a strategic industry, and there for some reason, did not let the Greek Catholics and Orthodox.

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Lviv railway station

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