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Svobody avenue

Updated: 16.01.2019

Lviv has a long and interesting story – it went throught many epoch and where occupied by many countries! History has been constantly gaining momentum. However, one always remained unchanged – its incredible beauty and originality, which from the very foundation of the city attracted more and more people here.
In Lviv, as in every city, there are its most prominent places, streets and lanes, without which there will be no excursion program. Almost to every Ukrainian is familiar name – Prospect Svobody. Lviv has made it as a main street long time ago.

Interesting facts of Prospect Svobody

The main street of the city of Lion were changed it’s name a lot! It was called Lower Wales, and Karl Ludwig Street, and Hetman’s Shafts … At one time there was a patch of Adolf Hitler, and the area of May 1st, then Avenue of Lenin. Now it wears a proud name – Svobody avenue. Previously, there was a river called Poltva. Also there are urban fortifications, parts of which were:

The main city promenade Svobody Avenue became only at the beginning of the XIX century. Then the protective fortifications began to be disassembled, the ditch was covered, but instead a pedestrian alley appeared along the river (Poltva was blocked with concrete vaults in the late 80’s of the 19th century).
The newly created boulevard became the main meeting place for businessmen very quickly – for the main point they took the sculpture of the archangel Michael, which today you will not find on the avenue – it is stored in the historical museum of Lviv. While near the Mikhail monument there was a collection of merchants, businessmen of that time were right in front of him – there  was a telegraph, and they were waiting for telegrams from Austria. Today instead  telegraph there is the Ethnographic Museum.

In the 1990s, the prospectus was called “a flower bed”, because here the largest crowd gathered – to talk about politics and discuss the latest news.

Today Svobody Avenue is one of the most beautiful and most popular streets in Lviv. Living here is really prestigious, and any establishments or stores are rapidly get a customers. The alley, which lay between the Opera House and Adam Mickiewicz Monument, took from the locals the name “stometrivka” – passersby rest on it brenches, someone plays the dominoes, someone in chess, and somewhere near necessarily playing street music

On the weekends or on holidays, the avenue is full, and on Christmas and Easter days there are small wooden houses – trade pavilions, where you can buy souvenirs and have a bite on the streets; It is here you can buy many interesting books from various publishing houses during the Lviv Book Forum, and Taras Shevchenko monument has been for long the main point of the meeting.

Hotels on Lviv Svobody avenue

Looking for accommodation, it is possible to choose a hotel on the Svobody avenue. Lviv is a big city, but the main cultural attractions and entertainment are localized in the center.

However, there are only few hotels in Lviv near Prospekt Svoboda, that is, in the immediate vicinity – they are often expensive! Therefore, we recommend searching for hotels near Svobody Avenue. Lviv – so you can see some more historic streets during a 5-10 minute walk from the residence to the center. In addition, on the main street is always noisy, and housing that is not on the prospect itself, but near it , will give more rest.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, we offer to stay at Edem Hotel. From us to Svoboda ave – only 10 minutes! Moreover, we offer parking for guests (which you will not find in the heart of the city), breakfasts are included, children’s menu and genuine Lviv hospitality!

Choose hotels near Prospekt Svobody, Lviv and its beauty will be quite nearby, only 10 minutes walk.

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