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Lviv Theatres – history, repertoire and contacts

Updated: 27.08.2019

In Lviv, every year there are so much new entertainment and opportunities for leisure… Moreover, theatres are not losing popularity. From time to time, listening an opera or watching a Comedy (or Drama) in one of the ancient auditorium of the city is showing your intelligent side. So well? Get acquainted with the theatres of Lviv together?

Lviv Opera

This is one of the most prominent buildings of the city.

In addition, it is a place with an atmosphere, from which the spirit intercepts. Legends and myths about Opera just mind-boggling and induce to learn more about the theatre with amazing history.

The fact that Lviv Opera is considered one of the most beautiful theatrical constructions of Europe – is can be the most important argument to visit it.

In repertoire of this season

  • Ballet (“La Bayadere”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “The Rite of Spring”, “La Fille mal gerdee”, “Don Quixote” and other)
  • Opera (“Аida”, “Don Giovanni”, “Cossack Beyond the Danube”, “Iolanta” and other)
  •  Music salon with concerts of world classic
  • Operetta (“Funny widow”, “The Bat”, “The Gypsy Baron”)
  • Festivals
  • Exhibitions.

Details and contacts

The full name: The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Address: Svobody Avenue, 28.

Ticket cases working hours: 11:00-18:00, rest day – Monday.

Ticket price: from 50 until 600 UAH.

Contact number: +380 (32) 235-65-86.

Contact number for excursions ticket reservations: +38 (032) 255 49 60.

Maria Zankovetska Theatre

If Lviv theatres were exams for gloriousness, this theatre would win. The Maria Zankovetska Theatre is the oldest in Lviv (built in 1842). Even at the time of construction was almost the largest theatre in the world (7 278 square meters), the number of spectator seats ranked third in Europe (1460 seats). Definitely worth a visit.


Big stage: “Piter Pan: new history” (premiere), “Depth”, “Concerto for two clowns”, “Buffons unintentionally”, “Mazepa”, “Іvasyk Telesyk”, “Jesus, the son of God alive”, “Natalka Poltavka” and other)

Cameral stage: “Someone, who was loved”, “The husband of my wife”, “Emigrants” (premiere), “Richynski sisters” and other).

Details and contacts

Full name: Maria Zenkovetska National Academic Drama Theatre.

Аddress: Lesi Ukrainky Str., 1.

Ticket cases working hours: 11:00-14:00, 15:00-18:00, and rest day – Monday.

Ticket price: 40-200 UAH.

Contact number: +38 (032) 235 55 83.

Les Kurbas Theatre

This theatre has only 30 years, and there are so many achievements: recognition as one of the best in Ukraine, constant tours, victories and awards at festivals, the title of academic, Taras Shevchenko prize… Moreover, something about its building, which built at the beginning of the last century. The lower floors occupied by the cinema “Casino de Paris”, and the upper floors are the hotel “Belvedere.

Details and contacts

Full name: Les Kurbas Lviv Academic Theatre.

Аddress: Les Kurbas Str., 3.

Status: on vacation for August.

Repertuar: “Waiting for Gordo”, “Crossroads”, “Amnesia” and other.

Contact number: +38 (032) 255 38 45 (case), +38 (032) 255 49 04 (administration).

Lesya Ukrainka Theatre

Years ago, it was a military theatre, which first switched to the Ukrainian language. Today a young, ambitious, brave team, which convinced that the theatre is for everyone. In short, everything that happens here is very progressive, relevant and you will definitely enjoy it.

Full name: The Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Drama Theatre

Address: Horodotska Str., 36.

Status: on vacation for August

Repertoire: “Little Jesus”, “The Christmas Tale”, “Granny Prysia”, “Kaligula” and other.

Ticket price: 70-100 UAH.

Contact number:

+38 (032) 233 31 88 (case of the theatre), +38 (032) 233 31 85.

Theatre “Voskresinnia”

It combines traditions of the psychological theatre, contemporary art and classical dramaturgy. Based on “Voskresinnia” founded the International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion”. The theatre is also a member of the International network for contemporary performing art (IETM) and the Association of International Theatre Festivals (IFEA).

Full name: Lviv Academic Theatre «Voskresinnia».

Address: Hrygorenka Square, 5.

Status: on vakation.

Repertoire: “Mothers-douhgters”, “Dinner with foolish”, “He, she, window and died man”, “Funny pub” and other.

Ticket price: not more than 120 UAH.

Contact number: +380 (32) 261 63 10.

“And people, and dolls”

Chamber Theatre that include 40 places, where it is very cozy and somehow like home. It is always hospitably will meet, will share the creative atmosphere, inspire the creative and demonstrate boundless love for dolls and theatrical mission, over which a daily work.

Full name: Theatre-studio pop miniatures «And people, And dolls».

Address: O. Fredra Str., 6.

Repertoire: “Funny bears” “Doctor Aybolit”, “A little stork and Scarecrow” and other.

Ticket price: 50-120 UAH

Contact number: +38 (032) 261 21 27, +38 (032) 261 31 25.

Theatre for children and Youth

The theatre founded in 1920 in… Kharkiv. In Lviv, it started in 1944. The territory where the theatRE operates was once a city garden with the summer stage. There were performances of the City Theatre and the theatre “Casino de Paris”.

Full name:  The first Ukrainian theatre for children and youth.

Address: Gnatiuka Str., 11.

Repertoire: “Little mermaid”, “Beautiful Carpathians”, “Pentecost”.

Ticket price: 100-200 UAH.

Contact number of theatre: +38 (032) 255 33 30.

Theatre of dolls

The repertoire of the theatre includes both children and adults. Recently, they are working on new directions – developmental performances for children, educational projects and interdisciplinary events.

Full name: Lviv Theatre of Dolls.

Address: D. Galickiy Square, 1.

Repertoire: “Koza – Dereza”, “Pan Kockyi”, “Pointed Fox”, “Snow Queen” and other.

Ticket price: 50-150 UAH.

Contact number: +38 (032) 235 47 73.

Theatre festivals of Lviv

International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion”

This festival was found by the theatre “Voskresinnia”. This year celebrates its 30th anniversary. Traditionally the action begins and ends with a bright carnival the central streets of Lviv. And during ten days of the festival there are performances of participants who, by the way, come to us from Belarus, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Holland, Bulgaria and other countries.

Dates for the next festival: September 28 – October 6, 2019.

International Theatre Festival “And people, and dolls…”

The festival brings together theaters in Lviv, here come theatres from all over Ukraine and from other countries (e.g. from Poland, Albania). In 2019, it has been held for fifth time.

Theatre Festival “Gavatovych’ cat” (Kit Gavatovycha)

This festival is open-air in the Park of Culture. In its range – conversations with actors, performances, acting trainings. In addition – children’s stage with master classes with acting.

Dates for the next festival: September 6-8, 2019.

Where to buy tickets?

If you want to buy online-tickets – you can buy them on web sites of theatres or city cites.

You can also to buy tickets in Central Theatre Case, which situated with address: Lviv, Svoboda Ave., 37. Working time: 10:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00, Free Day – Sunday.

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